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Ciku Construction Services are highly experienced in all forms of demolition such as High Reach, Floor by Floor and Robotic Silent Demolition. Our Management Team have gained valuable experience in the Greater London area and around the UK where they have worked on highly prestigious contracts over this past 30 years.

Ciku have gained valuable experience in the Environmental controls that now have a massive influence in inner city demolition where the control of noise, dust and vibration is paramount. Dust emissions are controlled at the working face and loading away area by a fine water spray. During dry weather “dust busters” can be set up which continually produce a fine water vapour throughout the site. Vibration can be monitored at regular intervals or permanent monitoring equipment can be installed on highly sensitive projects.

Noise can be kept to a minimum by using equipment that use jaws to crush the concrete oppose to breaking it, we also liaise with local councils to install “Noisy Times” these are usually on a two hours on two hours off basis and in very tight areas where space is limited.

Ciku Construction Services can demolish using remotely operated electric machines fitted with breakers or crushing jaws. Operatives position themselves away from the machine totally eliminating any exposure to body or hand/arm vibration.

Our machines can access any work location by fitting into lifts, driving up or down staircases or being hoisted into position. These machines are electric powered and ideal for fume free indoor operation

These machines can remove strong rooms, staircases and can form holes in walls and floors.