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Ciku Construction are highly experienced in the installation of Façade Retention schemes as well as other Temporary Works for example Raking Props, Flying Shores, Diagonal Struts and Dead Shores. The two most regularly used methods of shoring are Raking Props to laterally support single walls or dead shoring which offers simple vertical support to floors and is better known as back propping.

Facade Retention is increasingly required to preserve part or all of the many historic, listed or architecturally unique structures. This system enables the existing structure to be systematically removed and provide access for the integration of the existing retained façade within the new construction.

Following a thorough investigation of the building, we will provide guidance on the most suitable type of retention for your property, dependent upon its location, condition and neighbouring structures. Retention schemes can be designed in structural steelwork, scaffold or modular formwork systems to suit the project’s needs and provide value engineered solutions.

Liaison with the local authority at an early stage within the design process is essential, not all systems of support are permitted by the respective local authorities. This can be dependant on access requirements, traffic and pedestrian volumes.

We have experience in the use of the following systems for facades and party walls:

   Multiple Support Towers with Whalers

   Scaffolding systems

   Proprietary systems such as RMD or Mabey Shores